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buy original art from sowerby and luffAre you looking to buy some original art? Sowerby & Luff have been making unique, minimalist art for many years, and it has been widely collected and exhibited. Tiny Art is their new online gallery and shop.

Brian created the famous Cartoon Factory graphics studio and art gallery in Islington, where visitors could buy original art from some of the UK’s leading illustrators and cartoonists. Meanwhile Georgina was working for Saatchi & Saatchi in London, having studied photography at university.

Buy Original Art from Brian & Georgina

The pair began writing and performing together in 2002, and have appeared on both the Edinburgh Fringe and as hosts of their own radio show and award-nominated podcast.

“I’ve always liked to buy original art,” says Luff, “So Georgina and I decided to set up our own online gallery.”

Tiny Art was recently reviewed by critic and raconteur Melton Thornaby. He wrote, “Sowerby & Luff’s sparse, almost naive creations may be in part a response to the overpoweringly threatening era in which they live – forever abandoning pretentious large-scale paintings in favour of a disposable, pocket art style that’s very much on a human scale.”

Perhaps a little over the top but old Melton is surely on the right track. He went on, “A full-length study of Our Lord, modestly titled Tiny Jesus is deeply moving in its bleak lack of adornment. A drawing of a tiny hat reminds one of French impressionist Georges Seurat. Perhaps most surprisingly there is a pen and ink picture of an aerosol can entitled Tiny Aerosol. I have never before seen an aerosol can depicted in a drawing. I find it at once surprising and life affirming.”

This summer you can buy original art from Sowerby & Luff both online and at their tiny exhibition at the Crouch End Festival in London. If you like to buy original art that is made especially for you, then you can commission Brian & Georgina do create a tiny masterpiece just for you.

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