Commission Original Art

commission original art from Tiny ArtWhy not commission original art from Sowerby and Luff? A piece of Tiny Art would make a rare and unusual gift for one of your friends or a family member.

Sowerby & Luff have created customised Tiny Art for many special occasions and their drawings have been purchased by people all over the world.

You can commission a unique, original piece of Tiny Art for just £80.00 including postage & packing.

Simply email Brian & Georgina your idea for a unique design. They’ll create the piece and it’ll be displayed in this virtual online gallery. You’ll then be sent a link for your own “Private View” of the work. If you like it, you can buy it. The framed original will then be posted to you. If you’d like to commission a piece of Tiny Art, please email Sowerby and Luff

Tiny Art has appeared in a number of exhibitions and is widely collected by people who like to commission original art, but don’t want to spend a small fortune. This year a small exhibition is taking place at the Crouch End Festival in London.

Retired London art critic Melton Thornaby writes, “I often commission original art for my collection, so I was drawn to the witty and minimalist work of Sowerby & Luff. Take a look at the drawing called “Tiny Banana” – surely only a few seconds in the rendering, but Millennia in the making – the fruit looking like something the artists may have shared on a fondly remembered foreign holiday, or in the company of some treasured friends. It also feels personal, like a banana I might once have eaten myself.”

Commission original art from Sowerby & Luff and start your tiny collection today

As well as being artists, Brian & Georgina began writing and performing together in 2002, and have appeared on both the Edinburgh Fringe and as hosts of their own radio show and award-nominated podcast. Their extraordinary art installation Cat Not Here caused quite a stir in 2011.

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